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20. May 2021: Cybinar „Lord of the certs. Certificates and keys in the context of cybersecurity“ 

Certificates and keys form the basis of almost every security product or strategy in enterprises. Nevertheless, they often lead a hidden existence in the context of cybersecurity and are considered a special topic for nerds. In practice, services unfortunately fail far too often because of retired or revoked certificates, even though these areas are supposedly managed (ISO 27001, SOX, DSGVO, NATO RM, etc.). Faulty certificates can also cause systems to be broken into, data to be encrypted, communications to be intercepted, states to exploit privileges for espionage and insecure or non-compliant products to be delivered.

Accordingly, the strategic consideration of computer certificates and keys should be a major challenge for decision makers and IT professionals.

However, the management methods applied in this context have so far been unstructured and based on manual handling and reactive management. Newer services in evolved structures make the task even more difficult. Given this challenge and the clearly quantifiable costs incurred by faulty or mismanaged certificates, automated and depersonalized management methods can clearly remedy the situation and lead to cost savings with increased security gains for enterprises.

In this joint webinar of the Cyber Security Council Germany e.V. and its member Data-Warehouse, you will therefore get an overview of the basics of cyber-secure, trusted and automated certificate management. Using examples, you will learn more about the impact on cybersecurity and get the necessary overview for individual decision making. Practical examples and current contexts will be demonstrated live. There will also be a special focus on computer certificates, which have received little attention to date, and which act as a basis for trust and authorization. Although these certificates are present in large numbers in every computer (client, server, devices) and form the basis for encryption of devices and communication between participants, these trust relationships have not been managed to date and represent a major security risk for companies.

About Data-Warehouse GmbH:
The owner-managed Data-Warehouse GmbH follows the motto “Use your Information” and has been successfully active in the market for over 25 years. It has developed into a system house with its own product portfolio and services in the area of holistic, quality-assured information management, logistics, process optimization, data protection consulting, software development and IT security specialised in the area of keys and certificates. 

We are very much looking forward to your participation.

Participation in the Cybinar is free of charge.

Your appointment: 20. Mai 2021, 17:00 – 18:00 pm

Your speakers:

Hans.Wilhelm Dünn, Präsident des Cyber-Sicherheitsrat Deutschland e.V.

Dr. Alexander Löw, Founder and CEO der Data-Warehouse GmbH

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