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“Beyond Frontiers” at ICT Spring 2022 in Luxembourg.


Cyber Security Council Germany e.V. is Media Partner of ICT Spring 2022

ICT Spring is a centerpiece of Luxembourg’s event calendar and one of Europe’s leading tech conferences. Held June 30 and July 1 at LuxExpo the Box, the event will inspire attendees on a variety of important topics. Focus areas include the fast-growing FinTech industry, innovations and technologies shaping the future of business, European sovereignty in data and cloud, supply chain initiatives, IT security, health tech, entrepreneurship, and space technologies.
For its 12th consecutive edition and as an influential voice in the global tech community, ICT Spring aims to foster networking between decision makers, innovation managers, startups, researchers and venture capitalists at the European level. It’s about going “Beyond Frontiers” (the theme of this new issue), to shape the world of tomorrow.

As the pandemic spreads around the world and society becomes increasingly digitized as a result, technology is redrawing the boundaries of all aspects of our lives, whether private, public or professional. All of these new frontiers in business, security, healthcare, industry and privacy will be highlighted during ICT Spring.
Attendees will learn about the next generation of content, why they should or should not be present in the metaverse, new opportunities through NFTs, the secrets behind the Expo Dubai 2020 mega-event, the rise of e-commerce in Europe, the latest updates on cybersecurity threats, and many other hot topics.

Visitors are proposed thematic half-days that fit their profiles and prefer networking with professionals:
– FinTech: the next chapter in finance; data to unlock payment innovation and customer experiences
– Technology/IT: Beyond the borders (metaverse, NFT, next generation content, future of business), cyber defense and incident response; digital sovereignty driven by the data and cloud economy; the digitization of the supply chain.
– Space: EU technological sovereignty strengthened by secure connectivity; accelerating the use of space for the benefit of society.
– HealthTech: the future of connected healthcare; bringing care home.
– Entrepreneurship: strengthening tech communities; The importance of measuring ecosystem evolution and development; Addressing global challenges with innovation.

At ICT Spring, there is a time to learn, but also to experience. More than 50 startups join the exhibit floor each year to showcase the products and services that are revolutionizing business. They are joined by official organizations from Luxembourg society and major technology companies.

New this year, the show floor welcomes international pavilions focused on specific countries and technology hubs to discover the challenges they face and the companies at the forefront of these changes.

The conference is evolving with the times and for this new physical event, Farvest, the event organizer, is joining forces with artist Sumo, Metaverse pioneer in the Grand Duchy Mathias Keune and Luxembourg fintech center LHoFT to offer attendees a unique experience. For ICT Spring, Sumo – who recently designed Luxair’s Boeing 737 – is creating a unique NFT collection called “Beyond Frontiers.”
Over the course of two days, visitors will be able to participate in specific workshops and side events tailored to their needs with experts from across Europe.
The first evening will feature the ICT Spring Party, a not-to-be-missed event that allows visitors to enjoy Luxembourg nightlife and network with like-minded people in a festive atmosphere.

ICT Spring is strategically located in Luxembourg. It is easily accessible from European capitals and the country is a leader in several key sectors, including finance, digital and also space.
It is the leading financial center in the Eurozone and is one of the top 5 green financial centers in the world and top 3 in the EU. It is also the second largest investment fund center in the world. The country was also one of the first EU member states to believe in a new cloud vision, a European sovereignty, and officially adopted it as early as March 2021 by launching its GAIA-X regional hub. In addition, with the increasing amount and complexity of data generated today, there is a growing demand for computing power. In this context, Luxembourg launched one of the eight supercomputers hosted and tested in Europe, called MeluXina, in June 2021 under the impetus of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking. Finally, Luxembourg officially opened its Luxembourg Space Agency in 2018.

Contact & Press Accreditation
To receive your press accreditation, have your media partner with the event, or seek interviews with some of the confirmed speakers, please contact:
Anne Lorraine Reinbolt
+352 26 27 69-1

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