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Innovation for Cybersecurity

In cybersecurity, startups are important carriers of technological innovation and economic transformation. With their innovations, they promise faster, cheaper and safer solutions for cybersecurity. They create jobs, stimulate competition and spur on technical innovations. A network of investors, incubators and accelerators has emerged to fund and support startups.

Challenge: Trust

Especially in the sensitive area of cybersecurity, startups need an advance of trust in order to attract investors, customers and partners. Investors have to trust the startup to do business sensibly to justify an investment. Customers have to trust the startup to offer safe and reliable products and solutions. Cooperation partners must trust the startup to be a reliable partner in a profitable relationship. Getting this trust is often a major challenge for startups.


Network, Value and Feedback

The Cyber Security Council Germany e.V., together with our partner Early Metrics Ltd., offers cybersecurity startups the opportunity to have their level of financial and economic maturity assessed. The rating also allows startups to be part of our network. New customers, investors and cooperation partners from our members and diverse partners can be accessed this way. We also form – together with our members – a platform where startups get the opportunity for exchange and support.


Answering the questions from the sub-areas (“HR und Company Structure”, “Commercial activity”, “Product Development”, “Finance/Funding”)

Evaluation of the answers by Early Metrics Ltd.

Detailed evaluation of all areas for the startup.

After successful rating, a Trust badge is issued to the startup, which the company can display for two years. The startup becomes part of our network and can find investors, partners and customers from our members.


The startup rating reviews the company’s commitment to fundamental cybersecurity best practices. In addition, general aspects of the company such as the status of the startup and the product, the available resources and or the growth potential are tested.


Basic indicators of the startup like Age, organizational form, status of the financial framework and customer status.


Status of the product (still under development, Pilot phase, or already on the market) and scalability for different customer sizes.


Short, medium and long-term growth potential of the startup. Indicators tested include: Funding status, financial framework, outlook for the coming years.


Human resource potential of the start-up such as number of employees, Number of engineers / IT specialists and sales / marketing teams.


Uniqueness of the product: what is the USP, difference from other providers,  patent application.


Basic IT security indicators: data and communication security, Rights management, data encryption, development and implementation of own solutions.



Compliance with existing legal and regulatory frameworks, Data protection, certifications and other legal obligations.

Looking for feedback, trust building and networking with decision makers?

* The rating is not free. For the assessment, the Cyber Security Council Germany e.V. charges a one-time fee of € 199 plus VAT.

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