Unsere Hubs

The hubs of the Cyber ​​Security Council Germany e.V. are the central, subject-specific mental muscles of the association. Decision makers, members and company representatives discuss need for action in the respective sectors and strengthen networking with each other.

eHealth Hub

Telemedicine, health apps, digitised hospitals and electronic patient files. The digital transformation of the healthcare system promises more efficient, patient-friendly and nationwide available medical care. At the same time, due to their value, the used data are particularly attractive to cybercriminals and require special protection. Likewise, the systems of hospitals, whose functionality as critical infrastructure is indispensable. The eHealth Hub of the Cyber ​​Security Council Germany e.V. deals with these associated, current issues.

Energy Hub

Blackouts caused by cyberattacks are no longer science fiction scenarios. The interconnection of energy suppliers, power plants and smart meters in personal households promises increased cost and energy efficiency, but also provides a growing target for cybercriminals. The Energy Hub of the Cyber ​​Security Council Germany e.V. provides a platform where policymakers pursue cross-border cooperation on the security of networks and security of supply.

Startup Hub

The need for disruptive cybersecurity solutions in this country is great, as is the dependence on non-European providers. There is a great potential for innovation “made in Europe”, including data and legal certainty. Here, the Startup Hub of the Cyber ​​Security Council Germany e.V. creates a pool of customer-oriented solutions and creates the starting point for constructive networking, deals and support frameworks with the association’s own label for startups.

AI Hub

Artificial Intelligence applications will be just as commonplace in the near future as smartphones are today. It will change all areas of life and will also be an elementary success factor for cybersecurity in the face of the skills shortage and the increasing complexity of cyberspace. The AI ​​Hub of the Cyber ​​Security Council Germany e.V. tasks itself to accompany the advancement of AI technologies under current issues and future-oriented implications. Central to this is the positioning of cyber security as a process enabler for the secure application of AI technologies.

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