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Arne Schönbohm im Interview mit “Inside Cybersecurity”: “Die Regierungen müssen ihre Rolle im Bereich der Cyber-Abwehr klar formulieren”


Arne Schonbohm, who leads an industry cybersecurity group in Germany, wraps up a tour of the United States this week and he has a message for governments on both continents: Articulate how you will help the private sector defend its networks in the face of highly advanced attacks from nation-states.

Schonbohm said a constant barrage of “political terrorism” is hitting industries in Europe and the United States, and that these attacks are not “ordinary crime.”

“Is it in the realm of governments or private companies to deal with it?” he asked in an interview with Inside Cybersecurity. He said governments should be providing tax incentives and funding major “awareness programs” to help businesses shore up their defense against sophisticated — often foreign-government supported — cyber attacks.

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