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6 Basics Cyber Security Private Homes

How do I protect myself in cyberspace?

Most people spend a lot of time on the Internet. They order in online shops, they book trips, they make transfers or stream series. The Internet has become a natural part of everyday life.

When you hear about cyber attacks on big companies or government agencies, it’s easy to realize that the risk to consumers is much smaller. Unfortunately, individuals are at very high risk. This starts with malicious software and spam e-mails and extends to phishing attacks to access bank details and passwords.

The good news is that even individuals and families can protect themselves with concrete steps that are easy to implement and maintain. The vast majority of cyber attacks can be prevented or intercepted by such steps.

In this guide, the Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčSecurity Council Germany e.V. presents them with the most important steps.

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