About Nteligen

Nteligen is one of the leading security software engineering and solutions companies for government agencies and corporate customers in the USA.  Nteligen’s mission is to enhance national security by reducing the risk of sharing information.  We provide thought leadership that enables future data-sharing missions operate in a cyber-safe manner.  We seek to elevate the understanding of risk in information sharing, helping vendors improve their product security posture while delivering technology that securely shares information.

We offer expertise in secure information sharing platform architectures, pipeline orchestration, and the development of accredited deep content inspection platforms.  We have a breadth of knowledge and experience in cross-domain solutions (CDS) development, deployment, certification, and evolution, having been involved in the design and development of several different Government and commercial CDS platforms.  Through our AIR Lab we work with platform vendors, OEM providers, and other cybersecurity solution providers to assess, research, evaluate, and integrate new technology.

What Nteligen Does for Cyber-Security

Nteligen has contributed to the assessment and design evolution of secure architectures for both Government and commercial customers.  The company continues to provide custom development of a wide variety of software applications specific to the secure exchange of information for customers.

Nteligen has significant experience leading the architecture and design of an important reference model for cross-domain solutions. Nteligen has built, deployed and evaluated the effectiveness of various methods of safe transfer of data.  We have integrated the use of existing and developed new tools to mitigate the effect of zero-day threats.  We have developed unique scoring models to provide the capability to assess alternative security solutions.

Additional Information

Nteligen’s AIR Lab, an Independent Security Assessment Center, tests and certifies software and hardware solutions to current and emerging USA Federal government standards and commercial best practices.  Our customers can engage the AIR Lab to receive an objective professional and independent assessment of the security architecture of an existing or planned product prior to entering certification process with Federal authorities or commercial companies.  An AIR Lab security assessment can shorten certification timelines, increase knowledge of product security for product owners and provide a body of evidence to support accreditation and certification.

Nteligen is very interested in supporting Germany-based Counsel members’ plans to provide products and related services to the US Federal government and commercial customers.  For more information about Nteligen, please visit www.nteligen.com.  To discuss subject areas of interest, please contact Jim Melonas, Corporate Development Director, jim.melonas@nteligen.com, mobile in USA, 703 673 6576.

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